About us

A little about us...

Todd, CEO

Todd Hirsch started trying to earn an income in network marketing at the age of 30. He went through a lot of failed attempts and then he started to have some success. Todd now lives in the Philippines with his wife and daughter.

In 2011 Todd helped develop a Skype marketing software for network marketers. This software tool alone helped him to become an even better marketer online. Todd then became the #1 top earner in one network marketing company and the #3 top recruiter in another very large network marketing company.

RCCv2 is the NEXT LEVEL of RCC with even more value and a hybrid revolutionary compensation plan. After a year in development RCCv2 was born with the help of a team of programmers, top network marketing leaders, and over $100,000 in development costs.

I just want to provide real value and a fair and honest way for people to make a living as network marketers. Being able to help the hard working network marketers live their dream is what gets me out of bed everyday!

Todd Hirsh

Jeff, developer

This guy... This guy, you won't get him to do anything unless the band of cash you're waving in front of his face is as big as a double cheeseburger.

It's true.

Todd Hirsh

When Todd first met Jeff, Jeff was only 15 years old and just starting to learn the Delphi programming language.

One day they got this idea that they could make an existing Skype add-on software even better, so Jeff started developing what is now known as xSky.

Fast-forward to 2013, Todd and Jeff have worked on many successful projects. Every once in awhile they meet up, either in Denmark or the Philipines.

RCCv2 Location

RCCv2 is owned and operated under RCC Worldwide Inc. San Pedro Belize. The RCC corporate office is located in Davao City, Philippines. The RCCv2 programmers and support team work from Mumbai India, Sønderborg Denmark, and from different parts the USA.

The RCC Mission Statement

To provide the best value for your money and the best compensation plan in the network marketing industry. We give you an open canvas to change your life financially and a way to help others do the same through team building and self-motivation.